How to Write a Research Paper

Writing a research paper is an area in academics where a lot of students struggle. When it comes to research papers, most students struggle with research, grammar and citation techniques. Also, some of them also find it hard to differentiate between a research paper and personal essay or summary. This realization is daunting especially for new writers. Here is a list of steps on how to write a research paperthat you can use to write amazing and worthy research papers.

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Steps on how to write a research paper

  • Get Started
    • As cliched as it may sound, this is the first and the foremost trick for all sorts of writings. By getting started I mean identify your task, evaluate your deadlines and then start building on it. The trick is to stick to the schedule no matter what.
  • Select your topic
    • Research papers must be a self-motivated endeavor and not something that you are bound to do. So select a topic of your choice, something that interests you. You will run out of steam if your research is based on a topic that you are least interested in.
  • Take Notes
    1. First of all carry out a preliminary research to make sure your topic is vast enough and has plenty to write about or not. Explore unique sources to get information, for example, surveys, live lectures or personal interviews. Avoid plagiarism at all costs.
  • Develop your thesis statement
    1. The thesis statement of your research paper has to be clear and it should succinctly express your main position or idea. This has to be unique, you cannot use a known fact as your thesis statement, and this will nullify the whole point to your research.
  • Make an Outline
    1. Drafting a solid outline from the very start will save you a lot of time. This way you would know which part of your research requires more time and attention and what can be disregarded. In your outline, identify and highlight the key points of your arguments.
  • Compose a Draft
    1. Follow your outline and start filling it using the sources that you have gathered for your research. Make notes for correct citations if you are using ideas from elsewhere. Stick to the outline and if you feel that one portion is taking too much time without giving the desired results just move on to the next and come back to it later. You will have to write at least 3 drafts before you can get the final research paper in your desired form.
  • Revise and Review
    1. Once you are done with the drafts of your research papers, take some time off. Give yourself ample rest, preferably a day or two. Get a print out of your research paper and with the help of colored pen go through it. Highlight the parts that you feel need revision or improvement. Also ask your friends to revise your research paper for you.
  • Bibliography
    1. Writing an accurate bibliography is crucial to all research papers. You don’t want to be framed for plagiarism so make sure you give the credit to whom it belongs. Here is an interesting note on
  • Proofread
    Last and all the most useful tip, is to closely proofread your research papers before submitting them. Typos can create a negative image of your research paper for the readers. Copy/paste errors are very common and are easily overlooked.

Research papers are all about tricks and techniques; if you master this skill it’ll help you in the long run. We hope you found the tips on how to write a research paperuseful. For more help and insight on writing research papers, lookup and check out our blog.