What is a bibliography

A bibliography is a tabular representation of all the work that you have utilized or used in your essay, paper, or dissertation in order to reference and credit the original author/authors and to avoid unintentional plagiarism. Plagiarism is a serious offense and a violation of copyright laws can lead you to face some serious consequences at your university, so it is of utmost importance that you should know how to draft a proper bibliography. We will be discussing all the components of a research paper, one by one, in our blogs to help you deal with your work.

What is a bibliography? A bibliography is basically an entire list of sources that one has used in their research work. It includes the author’s names, work titles, location and names of companies or publishers, dates of publication and the page number of your source.

The basic format is as follows:

  • author name
  • title of the publication
  • date of publication
  • the place of publication
  • the publishing company
  • the volume number of a printed encyclopedia or magazine
  • the page number(s)

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A bibliography is also known by the names of ‘works consulted’, ‘works cited’ and ‘table of references’.

The style of your bibliography depends on the style of writing you are using to write your paper. If you are required to format in APA then your bibliography must also comply with the APA referencing style. Each format has a specific bibliography.

Entries in a bibliography are entered in an alphabetical order using the last name of the author. If you are citing two publications by the same author then the format will depend on the writing format or style that you are using. Our experts are skilled in writing bibliographies for all writing styles, APA, MLA, Chicago and Harvard.

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