How to Write a Thesis

Thesis writing is one area of academics where almost every student faces difficulty at some point or the other. Thesis preparation is all about proper organization and time management. It is possible to manage 5000 words everyday without going bat crazy. The process is gradual but, you too, can make the journey from 2000 to 10,000 only if you are determined, smart and follow the basic tricks.

The renowned fiction writer Rachel Aaron says 10,000 words a day is an achievable target if we keep the 3 following things in mind:

  • 1) Make up your mind and know what you want to write
  • 2) Set aside specific time for writing alone
  • 3) Be enthusiastic about the task

You may think that this simple and straight-forward piece of advice is just useless, especially if you are a habitual procrastinator. The thing is, productivity of any tip regarding the writing tasks depends on your capacity to receive it. Boston Essays believes that if you are determined to become an excellent writer then these simple yet amazing advice can take you a long way. A thesis is usually the most hectic part of your academic life and it is really important to be aware of how to write a thesis. If you believe in yourself and follow the 10,000 words-a-day routine, you can actually manage to complete your thesis within a week. This might seem far-fetched but it is achievable.

Explaining How to Write a Thesis

A thesis demands all types of writing. From general to critical and then off to philosophical, you have to cover many aspects and forms of writing. Generative writing part in the thesis is all about commuting your ideas; the quality here matters less than the quantity itself. The trick is to make a mess and then organize it neatly with rechecks. First off, just write from the top of your head whatever that comes to you. Do not worry about the editing and refining. Know your topic and type down everything that you think is important to your research in a messy and disordered form.

You should spend at least a week on your thesis map before you begin the actual writing. This step is very easy and it forms the base of your whole thesis writing process. A well designed thesis map will speed up the whole writing business by leaps and bounds. Writers at are experts at making thesis maps. A thesis map can be a flow chart or just a series of ordered sub-headings. If you have all the subheadings thought through, you can fill in the content easily.

Once you have all the sub-heading, add word counts next to them. The usual flow is somewhat like this, introduction 2000-3000 words, next 7 chapters about relatively equal lengths and an extensive conclusion of around 4000 or more. In the conclusion, never try to add anything new. It is a roundup of all the questions you have answered in your research.

To focus on your thesis work and to complete it on time, you will have to set aside protective writing time every day. Just forget everything in that protected time and write. It is very important to feel enthusiastic about the whole writing process. Lack of motivation will only pull you deeper into the well of procrastination. You need to be in love with your writing. Set a reward for every small threshold you conquer. Stay focused and determined and you will be able to get through the hectic thesis without any pain. You now know how to write a thesis!