Common Mistakes with Critical Essays

Critical essays are tricky as they require students to critically analyze a topic and to interpret the text with strong arguments. The common mistake that students commit is that they write basic reviews instead of critical essays. There is an astronomical difference between these two, especially in the style and structure of review which are more informal as compared to a critical essay.

Critical essays are definitely harder and require more skill than other forms of writing. This type of assignment expects the student to integrate critical analysis with scholarly observations which makes it an overall difficult task to complete. Here is a list of few common mistakes that students make while drafting a critical essay for college. Knowing the common mistakes will help you improve your essays and enhance your writing skills. A trait that almost every writer at posseses.

First of all, you need to realize that your opinions are not actual facts or points in your favor. Your opinion is merely your opinion. You have to support you opinions with scholarly facts to add weight to them. The next point is to keep in mind the sentiments of the reader. Even if you are critically analyzing a topic, you do not have to do it in an overstated manner. You will sound rude if you do that. A critical essay needs to have a proper tone and structure that can easily be distinguished as a critical essay and not just another simple essay that states information and facts. Critical writing should have a thesis statement that resonates your personal understanding of the subject.

Use relevant and up-to-date references for your paper only. Studies that no longer apply or hold true are useless in a critical essay as they would not support your argument. So make sure that what you are referencing is recent and is closely related to your thesis statement. Critical essays also demands flawless style, sound reasoning, logical examination of points, and investigative criticism. Without all these, you cannot expect to write a top grade critical paper.

A very common mistake that students make is that they tend to introduce a new point in the conclusion paragraph. Never do that. A conclusion is meant to sum up all the points discussed earlier and introducing a new point here is disastrous for your essay grade. Do not be too negative. Some students think that being critical means being negative. It is not true. Negative critique based on subjective understanding is not what tutors look for in an academic critical writing.

Another important tip for writing a critical essay is to avoid the use of rhetoric. Try to avoid referencing unscholarly articles to support your argument; it will only leave a negative impression on the reader. When you use common place examples it shows that your paper is not well researched. This is an area where Boston Essays never comprises. You certainly do not want the reader to think that you do not know enough about the notion you are supporting.

Weight both sides of the argument equally, and discuss all aspects before coming to a conclusion. Make sure that your conclusion does not seem abrupt or bias. Critical writing is hard but with persistence and patience you can overcome the common mistakes.