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The Difference Between 4 Types of Essays

When you decide to order cheap custom essays, it’s important to know the main characteristics of each of their four types to know what to expect. Let’s look at those types closer.

Descriptive Essay

The name says it all. Your task is to give a detailed description of a person, thing or place you’ve been to by using multiple adjectives and various writing techniques. The final goal is to give your readers a vivid image of something you write about and awaken their imagination.

Narrative Essay

Tell readers your story and make it interesting. Your paper should include all the parts a good story has a plot, characters, etc. Don’t forget that like any other type of an essay, this one should have a thesis statement as well. Think about the point of view for your paper. Is it a good idea to write from the first person?

Expository Essay

This type of essay asks you to investigate an idea and present some logical conclusions in the end. Often enough you need to compare and contrast particular phenomena or analyze the cause and effect of something. You have to conduct a thorough research and gather all the necessary evidence to prove your point of view.

Argumentative Essay

This essay type is very similar to the expository one due to the fact that you’ll have to present some evidence and investigate a debatable topic. But in an argumentative essay, you should also pick a side and prove your viewpoint is right. Your goal is to persuade a reader and get him/her to take your side.

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